The Power Station

The military is the only important part of Government suffering from this:

When it comes to the politicization of anything, especially the military, I look to point out the Nazis. Do you realize they began WWII before the USA ever got involved? Why do I say that? Because they allowed the British to get away at Dunkirk due to the Nazi’s desire to make sure everybody could be involved in England’s destruction–this is otherwise known as “politics”.

When a government starts making decisions on which faction is going to be happy, and actually getting the job done isn’t consider the priority, politics now rules the day.

Thus, politics is the opposite of quality leadership. In the USA’s military’s case, more soldiers will die due to the politicization–there’s no doubt in my mind.

What ends up happening is a leader gets so caught up in trying to keep power by making this faction or that faction happy that he or she risks having the entire apparatus collapse. This is the tough part of leadership: In order to keep your power you may need to give some of your power away. In fact, in the example of the Nazis and many other regimes from history, the leaders became more concerned about keeping their power than making sure the country will exist for one more day.

Somehow these kinds of leaders don’t understand they can’t rule if there’s nothing to rule.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government figures out too late that it’s dominance on Earth is coming to an end. All the signs are there but the leaders become wrapped up in their own omnipotence and their concerns to keep their power becomes more important than squashing a obvious growing movement.

Having power is much like running a power station that controls an electrical grid: Sometimes you need to shut a part of it down to save the entire thing.

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