The Future’s So Dark

Maybe you’ve seen this:

Financial Suicides On The Rise

I will state the obvious: Financial people don’t commit suicide because the future’s bright.

For the record, who knows what is going on here? It could be a total coincidence. These peoples’ personal lives could’ve been in turmoil. Drugs. Depression. Relationship problems. Who the heck knows?

But I don’t see any Big Government people committing suicide. Do you?

Lois Lerner, she’s been under a lot of pressure–still alive. Kathleen Sibelius, getting hammered on Obamacare–still alive. Janet Napolitano, all these immigration issues–still alive. Reid, Pelosi, Obama, probably going to get shellacked in November–all still alive and kicking. The only thing I can take from that is they believe the future is very bright for Big Government.

. . . at least brighter than what these suicide victims maybe thought about the future of their professions. An important profession by the way–I mean, they’re taking care of our money.

These suicides, at the very least, should cause us to pause and take a good look at the direction the world is headed in. Once again, I don’t know specifically why any of them committed suicide. But, once again, I don’t see any Government hacks doing the same.

In my Govicide novels, suicide is a big topic in the first and second books. Suicide rates are up even though the One World Government is supposed to be the perfect way to run a civilization. People who have everything provided for them are killing themselves at an alarming clip. My main character has a hard time understanding this at the beginning but as the story progresses he begins to have those thoughts as well. Why? He realizes that communism is a killer and he sees no way out besides death.

Maybe, just maybe, these people thought the same thing.

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