The Descent

Although National Review has been getting more wishy-washy year after year, this article gets it right:

Private Companies Couldn’t Do This

The fall into socialism/communism/despotism all starts somewhere. A lie. An execution. A weakness. People just don’t wake up one day and the world sucks . . . it takes time.

This descent is never out of the public eye. In fact, in every instance in history, the change from good to bad happens right in front of everybody’s eyes but people don’t believe or refuse to believe what’s happening.

No truer testimony of this is how Government can get away with virtually anything, while private business must live to the letter of the law . . . or worse. In that, the article is absolutely correct: If a private company was ultimately responsible for, the CEO and the other officers would end up in jail for such behavior.

And for the USA, this type of stuff has been going for a long time. The example I always bring up is the shuttle disasters. If a private company had committed the errors the NASA people did, it would’ve been out of business. In fact, in the Challengers case, the private companies warned NASA and the space administration ignored them.

All of this is detailed in my third Govicide book, Resist. Government needs to be held to the same standard as the private sector or a dictatorship begins.

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