The Cover-Up

Like we need one more indication that Government should never run anything:

GM Recalls Vehicles

What people fail to appreciate about the Government owning anything is when troubles happen, citizens can’t get a fair shake. The Government will cover up, lie, cheat, and steal before it’s going to admit it did anything wrong. And that’s what happened in this case, even if some of the cars were made before the Government took over GM.

It’s clear: The Government would rather have people die in their cars than have a total recall . . . no, not the Ah-nuld movie. But, if a truly private auto company tried to get away with not recalling defective vehicles, the Government would call its CEO up to Capitol Hill, excoriate him, and then fine the company out of existence.

Instead, the United States tried to evade, ignore, and cover up instead of doing the right thing. How liberals don’t understand this phenomenon is beyond me.

And it doesn’t end with auto production. What about healthcare? What will the U.S. Government do when it knows something is wrong in its oh so special Obamacare? Will it own up? Or will it cover up? I think history is clear. It would rather people die than admit any wrongdoing.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government allows the Masses to die instead of admitting any wrongdoing. The OWG makes everything on Earth; there is no private business. However, if bus brakes fail, or a bridge collapses, or a building falls, or a plane crashes, the OWG accepts no responsibility. So, while it claims it is the cure for all of socities problems, if anything goes wrong in society, it’s the OWG’s fault because it is control of everything. But instead, it allows the death to continue before admitting it did anything wrong.

And we are headed there. There’s no doubt.

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