Doesn’t a story like this give you the creeps?

CIA, IRS receive Americans’ Personal Data

I have to say that when I first read this story I thought of not my own books but of Orwell’s, 1984. Specifically the part where the main character is going to have a rat cage put on his head, all in an effort by the Government to break his will. Really, that scene isn’t much different than what is going on here–Government getting information on people so it can use the data for its own purposes.

In the bigger picture, though, I think of my own Govicide novels and my theme about technology and information. In them, there is something called The System–a conglomeration of Google, Ebay, Yahoo, Facebook, Walmart, etc. that is able to track everyone and know what everyone is doing. And we this coming to fruition more and more.

That’s not to say that I dislike technology. It’s not like I’m the Unabomber who  hated technology so much that he hated the jets flying at 35,000 feet over his cabin. Instead, I subscribe to the idea that just because technology CAN do something, doesn’t mean it SHOULD do something. History is filled with Governments using knowledge of their citizens’ thoughts and actions to make those people give in to its desires.

And with the computer age it is getting easier and easier. The truth is that the power over technology should be spread out, not condensed. Yes, there is no right to privacy in the US Constitution but we also must understand that the kind of information that can be gleaned from all types of different computer sources is not safe in any person’s hands. Nobody can resist the power to use it for whatever ends.

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