Articles for January 5, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: John Boehner to have challengers for Speaker even though conservatives trust him, so says a poll.

MY RESPONSE: Conservatives don’t know what they’re getting into.

HEADLINE: France allows 75% tax rate to disappear.

MY RESPONSE: United States liberals should take notice.

HEADLINE: Venezuela goes to China for help.

MY RESPONSE: More of this will happen if the USA isolates itself.

HEADLINE: Mike Huckabee leaving his Fox show.

MY RESPONSE: I DO NOT get what people see in this guy.

Articles for December 31, 2014 Show

HEADLINE: Gruber in 2009: Obamacare won’t control costs

MY RESPONSE: This time he can’t claim it’s conjecture.

HEADLINE: Talk show hosts want Boehner and Scalise to step down.

MY RESPONSE: Scalise isn’t a racist and we conservatives need to stop navel gazing.

. . . and my predictions for 2015.