Articles for January 20, 2015

HEADLINE: Conservatives and their fake Likes and website hits.

MY RESPONSE: We conservatives are supposed to be the integrity-minded ones.

No link needed

HEADLINE: Boston protesters block highway.

MY RESPONSE: Just remember: These are same people who want to legalize weed, my fellow conservatives.

HEADLINE: Seth Rogen and Michael Moore make fun of the military.

MY RESPONSE: DO NOT give these kinds of people legitimacy.

HEADLINE: ISIS executes soccer-watching teenagers.

MY RESPONSE: Infringement of our free speech eventually affects everything, although we may not notice it at the beginning.

Articles for January 16, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: NYPD disapproval at 69%.

MY RESPONSE: Like teachers unions have done, the NYPD has ruined its public image.

HEADLINE: FoxNews back on Dish Network.

MY RESPONSE: And Fox would have you believe this was all ideological . . . but it wasn’t.

HEADLINE: Oscars selections are racist.

MY RESPONSE: It’s our perception of Hollywood that makes us think they’re racist.

HEADLINE: Chorus of people now asking Romney not to run.

MY RESPONSE: Why? They want Jeb to win.

Articles for January 15, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Free Community College for everyone!!!

MY RESPONSE: Conservatives have spent too much time on it.

HEADLINE: Some news organizations don’t show new Charlie Hebdo cover.

MY RESPONSE: No surprise, and the leaders at the March of Unity probably support the decision.

HEADLINE: On Charlie Hebdo: Pope would punch guy in nose who threatens his mother.

MY RESPONSE: What happened to turning the other cheek? . . . becoming a protected class is more important.

HEADLINE: Military despises Obama, political parties, and is starting to skew libertarian.

MY RESPONSE: Some good news but I hope our military doesn’t become a bunch of isolationists.