Articles for February 2, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Bill Gates most admired man in the World, Obama second.

MY RESPONSE: We’ve not successfully discredited these people yet. Hillary included.

HEADLINE: S.E. Cupp laments Mitt Romney is now out of the race.

MY RESPONSE: Uh, why does anyone listen to her anyway?

HEADLINE: Chris Christie says vaccinations are optional.

MY RESPONSE: It’s the consequences we always forget regarding freedom.

HEADLINE: China has a 100 year plan to overtake the USA.

MY RESPONSE: Smells like hype to me.

Articles for January 27, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Blizzard 2015 to paralyze the Northeast.

MY RESPONSE: Science can’t even get a snowstorm right but it insists it knows what the Earth’s temperature will be in 1000 years.

HEADLINE: Obama’s approval ratings up to 50%.

MY RESPONSE: Obama is nothing but the wife in a three-way relationship.

HEADLINE: Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter.

MY RESPONSE: Uh, no kidding.

HEADLINE: “Ball-ghazi”

MY RESPONSE: Does the average person know where the “ghazi” comes from? And does this mean Benghazi is now OFFICIALLY a scandal?

Articles for January 15, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Free Community College for everyone!!!

MY RESPONSE: Conservatives have spent too much time on it.

HEADLINE: Some news organizations don’t show new Charlie Hebdo cover.

MY RESPONSE: No surprise, and the leaders at the March of Unity probably support the decision.

HEADLINE: On Charlie Hebdo: Pope would punch guy in nose who threatens his mother.

MY RESPONSE: What happened to turning the other cheek? . . . becoming a protected class is more important.

HEADLINE: Military despises Obama, political parties, and is starting to skew libertarian.

MY RESPONSE: Some good news but I hope our military doesn’t become a bunch of isolationists.