An article about one of my favorite women:

Sarah Palin Warns Tea Party

Those of us on the “smaller government” side of the argument must understand that Big Government will never stop at, well, stopping us. It will go to any lengths to silence us. It will go to any lengths to, surprise, suppress us.

For us to think of our situation in relation to Big Government in any other terms is dangerous to our well-being.

I express these ideas in all three books of my Govicide series. In the novels, subjects who attempt to get around the One World Government are jailed and re-educated. Or, they’re quickly tortured and exterminated.

We must understand that Big Government sees us much different than we see it. We see it as something we want to change. We see the people involved it as persons who should be in the private sector. We see its mechanisms as schemes that shouldn’t exist. In essence, we see it as a organization that doesn’t work.

However, Big Government sees us as a threat. It wants all of us to vanish from the Earth. But, it wants those things not because it believes our ideas don’t work. No, it wants our suppression because it could very well be that our ideas DO work. You see the difference?

And it’s one of the main themes of my novels. I hope you enjoy them.

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