Shameless Liars

Yes, this is about Hamas and Israel but it can be extrapolated to liberals in general:

Pro-Hamas Attorney Blatantly Lies Despite Obvious Facts

Now that I think about it, though: Terrorists and Islamic States do get their inspriation from liberal leaders. It’s a well-known fact many Middle East leaders see Hitler as an inspiration. Not just because they all hate Jews.

This is what we always have to remember about liberals and those of their type: They will lie right to your face. Doesn’t matter the topic. The situation. Or anything else.

Why? Because lies are all that liberals have. History is against them. Facts are against them. The only way they can get people to buy into their schemes is through lying. Only in the most liberal of strongholds can a Democrat run and tell the truth. Elsewhere, they pretend to be mild Republicans.

They’re all kind of like Baghdad Bob in Iraq when the USA kicked Saddam Hussein’s ass in 2003. Remember Bob? Claming Iraq was beating the USA back as American tanks continued block by block toward the center of Baghdad. Baghdad Bob was a radical Muslim. And he was a liberal. I wonder where he is now, by the way . . .

Lying is the only way liberals can get power and keep it. Obamacare, public education, immigration, abortion, etc. You name it; they lie about it.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government lies because things are so bad it has to. Going so far as to blame its civlizations problems on imaginary people known as “Free Enterprisers”–yes, I know, I know. but you gotta read the books. Nobody in the abandoned buildings–the OWG has a lie for it. Electricity is spotty–it has a lie for it. Nobody owns a car–the OWG has a lie for it.

But we must remember: We can’t do anything about them lying. But we can make sure the average person doesn’t believe liberals.

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