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One of the overriding themes of all three of my Govicide books–Comply, Survive, and Resist–is the ignorance regarding how things get made and services get provided. Healthcare is something that wouldn’t exist without people training to be doctors. Our material possessions wouldn’t exist without other people who we don’t know getting out of bed to go to work every day. Electricity wouldn’t flow to our house without educated people understanding how powerplants work.

Or, as I put it in the books: For the world to work, eventually somebody has to do something.

My two main characters, Michael and Jade, suffer from the idea that “Government” provides everything. Well generally, that’s true. Technically, at least in their world, the reason Goods and Services are provided is because the OWG forces people to go to work to work for others–all so the One World Government can continue to be respected and followed.

This is happening now as I mentioned before in the realm of healthcare. The saying: The Federal Government will provide healthcare. That’s not true. Actually, doctors and nurse will provide you with your healthcare. To put it another way, the Federal Government can’t provide not even one pill if all the people involved in healthcare don’t show up for work. And that goes for anything in 2013, and that’s the way it’s always been.

All of the people we have who laze around and wait for things to be given to them would die in days if it weren’t for the all the people getting up and going to work. Government takes credit for giving people stuff when it’s actually private individuals who make the wheels of production turn. Without them, Government couldn’t provide anything. And you know what, Government shouldn’t.


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