Power And Knowledge

This is a fascinating article although I’m not sure I agree with every word:

The Death Of Experts

This is kind of a different take on one of my favorite podcast topics: Know-It-All-ism. In fact, conservatism stems from the idea that the Government shouldn’t be an expert on how people should run their lives. It sets easy to follow laws and then allows people to make decisions for themselves.

In this article’s case, the author seems to believe the World should be some kind of technocracy–Financial “experts” control the markets, Engineering “experts” control construction, health “experts” run the healthcare (sound familiar?), etc., etc., etc. And that’s a setup I couldn’t agree with at all.

The tough part is how is an “expert” defined. Education? Experience? Money made? Political connections? Each one of these has plusses and minuses.

What’s more accurate to say about this article is to say that more and more people simply want to control other people without sufficient knowledge about anything. Our Federal Government is a perfect example of that. As I’ve stated many times: Laws and politicians don’t cure people; doctors do. But politicians are making all the health laws in this country despite most of them not having any medical expertise.

In my Govicide novels, this setup is taken to its logical end where people who know nothing about anything run the World, much to the detriment of the Masses. However, having written the books, I can honestly say that if I would’ve written a book about “experts” running the world, I’m not sure my conclusions put into fiction form would be much different.

The only answer is this: No matter how knowledgeable or un-knowledgeable our leaders are, they must allow people to guide their lives themselves. They must resist their lust for power. And if they are experts, they must hesitate in trying to run people’s lives through stats and facts.

Any other setup leads to disaster.

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