This shootdown story in Ukraine is tragic but the Administration’s reaction takes the cake:

State Department Ignores Plane Crash

This is a perfect example of the side effect of big government.

We’re told how government has to be big so it can mobilize to unforeseeable circumstances. It needs money. It needs people. It needs control. We’re told we need big government because small government can’t bring enough force when it’s needed.

But that’s not how it goes.

Instead, big government actually is the opposite: It’s fat. It’s hard to move. It takes up space. It takes way more than it puts out. And when it does start moving, yep, it can go pretty fast. But it can’t turn, it can’t adapt, it can’t change its form as circumstances change.

This is what the clip in this link shows. It shows a government paralyzed by the simplest–although tragic–of news. How can’t you react to the shootdown of a civilizan airplane? Easy . . . if you’re big government and you were planning to talk about something else.

Whereas, small government is nimble. Adaptive. It’s more like Bruce Lee and less like, say, Big Fat Bastard. Both powerful but they’re obviously different.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government learns what it’s like to be too big when the Free Enterprisers finally show themselves to the world. It tries to stop them but it’s always a step behind. Because the OWG has become so big it’s become arrogant and overconfident, believing “big” outdoes everything. It finds out too late that it’s wrong.

The Federal Government–it doesn’t even know what to say about an airline jet shootdown.

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