Ourselves Alone

This article covers a theme I explored in my third Govicide book, Resist:

Millenials Voting Their Future Away

Before I get started, I should mention that “ourselves alone” in Irish is loosely translated as “Sinn Fein.” Have you heard of it? Sinn Fein is a Irish political party that was closely associated with the Irish Republican Army. Yes, the same group that tried to blow up Margaret Thatcher.

I, of course, don’t have much in common with Sinn Fein, although I am Irish. However, I do identify quite a bit with the motto, Ourselves Alone.

What I get out of those words is expressed in the linked article. The truth is this: Eventually we as freedom-loving, small government-believing, rights-defending people are going to have to let go of our friends and family who don’t think like us.

The reason I chose Resist as the title was three reasons. First, my characters on one hand are resisting Govicide Agents who are on their tail. Second, my characters must resist the idea of trying to save everyone who thinks differently. Third, they must resist the attraction of falling back into their old habits of thinking like the Masses in the One World Government.

Another truth: We aren’t going to be able to save everyone. This is the major theme of the Resist. What I believe is everyone with any type of education already knows everything that needs to be known about how the World works. However, they choose to walk down a path that is detrimental to the rest of us.

And at some point, we’ll have to ditch them to save the rest of us. Then we’ll be ourselves . . . alone.

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