Other People’s Privacy

Regarding the NSA, Edward Snowden, etc. it’s not just our own privacy that’s important:

Surveillance Hurts Journalists and Lawyers Too

The most interesting point about article such as this is it proves that sometimes the privacy of others is more important than your own. It could be many people have blown the continuing story of privacy breakdowns because they think, “Well, I still have confidentiality with my laywer, my doctor. We still have freedom of the press.”

How quickly we forget that doctors and lawyers and lawyers are people too. They have email. They have secrets. They have jobs to do and they can’t do them if the Government is snooping on them too.

You don’t have any confidentiality with your lawyer is the lawyer’s email is being read. You don’t have any confidentiality with your doctor if he’s forced to put your records on the Internet where the NSA can see what ails you. Reporters can’t have anonymous sources and get inside information if the Government has the ability to see what they’re doing all the time in the real world and online.

So, we as American citizens shouldn’t be so shallow as to think, “Hey, I personally don’t do anything wrong. Nothing scandalous is in my emails. I don’t care what the NSA does.” We have to go deeper than that. We have to think about the others we interact with who we trust, who we expect to be discrete, who rely on their privacy for our own.

In my Govicide novels, the Masses have no privacy. There are no lawyers because there are no Courts. Yes, doctors exist but the One World Government knows what ails everyone. Reporters? As we know how dictatorships work, the media is usually compromised early on and eventually becomes a propaganda machine of the Government–that happens in my novels as well.

The privacy of others–it’s more important to your own privacy than you think.

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