Not Even I

Even a few pro-choicers out there have to be startled by this story:

Aborted Babies Used for Heating Energy

I thought of a couple things when I read the story. Actually paraphrases . . . First, I thought of Solyent Green: “Heating Energy is . . . aborted babies!!!” Second, I thought of The Matrix: “The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change an aborted baby into this. [Morpheus holds up a flame.]

I’m not even sure the Nazis took it this far with executed Jews.

It seems no matter where you go Socialist systems are finding ways to use humans for purposes outside the realm of dignity and liberty

Just a week ago had you heard this story you would’ve thought it was a the creation of a crazy science fiction writer like myself. Something cooked up in the mind of someone who is simply trying to provoke and incite people. Maybe even brought to paper by an author on a drug binge . . . hey, they’re out there.

But nope. This was done by one of the most well-thought of Socialist medical systems in the World. In the REAL world.

So not even I (see the title) could’ve come up with this. And I came up with a lot of original thoughts  in my Govicide novels regarding how badly a Government could treat its subjects. But this idea never ever crossed my mind. So, touche to you England Socialist Medicine, you beat me.

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