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I’ve touched on this topic in my podcasts at The Dentzel Domain:

NATO’s Military Decline

Western Civilization’s military prowess will decline as it more and more embraces the welfare state. Even in a country like the USA where we run deficits as if we are addicted to them, we will at some point have to make a choice between “stuff” and national defense. It’s the reason countries like Germany and France who, although industrialized and rich, have token military forces at best. They’ve chosen a route: the entitlement one.

It’s one of the reasons countries like China and Russia don’t fear NATO as much as they used to.

This embracing by Governments of giving stuff to its citizens is the death knell of freedom and individualism. On one hand it kills innovation and passion for creation. On the other hand, it makes a country less safe as national defense becomes an after-thought.

When this happens, tyranny of the world–not beholden to any sense of fair play or rules–begins its march.

In my Govicide novels, this is what happens to create the world to which my readers are introduced. The Governments of the World realize that they all have the same goal: Giving their citizens what they want. Why fight anymore? Why have differences anymore? Why have any discussions about the role of rights in society? So, they decide there is no good reason to have borders anymore. Thus, the One World Government comes to be–a Government from which no one can escape.

And it all happens as citizens embrace the acquisition of stuff from the Government and begin to lose interest in protecting their borders, and thus their rights.

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