I found this article and, yes, even types of relationships are relevant to good science fiction:

Marriage is Best Defense

It’s no coincidence that in most dystopian science fiction, traditional relationships, especially marriage, are antiquated or unknown entities. So, I don’t know why so many libs were confused by what Mollie Hemingway wrote. It’s very simple: With the encroachment of government, personal relationships become weaker.

In all three of my Govicide books, I express it by people not communicating with each other. They don’t know their neighbors. They don’t talk to each other on the sidewalk or the bus or the subway. They only deal with other people if they must. Why? Because everything comes from  the nebulous term, “Government,” not other people. Moreover, the One World Government in my books forbids people from helping each other.

So, where do sci-fi writers like myself get these ideas? We look at reality. Where Government is deeply involved in people’s lives, you see disasters–relationships included. Delinquent fathers, crack-addicted mothers, children deserted, women raped, etc. And Government seems helpless to fix it even though it allegedly tries.

Whereas, in places where government is an afterthought, relationships are strong and traditional, people live well. Low crime, low violence, infrequent divorces, strong community bonds, everybody knows each other. It’s not rocket science.


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