Maintaining Power

It’s funny this is their first reaction to all of these Democrat scandals:

Democrats Worry About The Wrong Thing

Their worry exists due to Leland Yee, among others, who is a State Senator who was trafficking in illegal weapons, including rocket launchers. Gun running–it’s not just for Russians anymore!

My point of this blog is it’s funny they aren’t worried about the health of their state. They’re not worried about their integrity. They’re not worried about making sure there aren’t others who might be as corrupt as Leland Yee.

No. They’re worried whether they’re going to get to keep their precious power or not. Are they going to win elections, will the voters allow them to stay in office?

When you wonder about the definition of “politics”, this is the poster boy for it.

The truth is at least a few of these Democrats probably knew what Yee was doing. But they kept it under wraps so as to not damage Democrats elections hopes. And as I’ve pointed out many times on many topics like this one: When people don’t think twice about acting like this . . . publicly, the chance for a civilization to survive diminishes.

They have no shame. No conscience. No scruples. Their pursuit of power overwhelms every other consideration. The State of California is crumbling before our eyes and these Democrats are worried whether a scandal will knock them out of power or not. But hey, Californians have elected these idiots; they deserve whatever they get.

In my Govicide novels, it’s much the same. The One World Government is much more worried about maintaining its power than providing for its people. In fact, the only reason it provides for its people is because it wants to keep its power. Everything the OWG does is first considered under the mindset of: Will this increase our power over the Masses? The Masses believe the OWG provides for them because the OWG loves them. Whereas, the truth is the OWG provides for the Masses because it wants to be exalted.

The Democrats in California are the same way. They need their power and maintaining it is always their number one concern–not the health of their State.

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