Loss Of Morality

Should we be surprised?

IRS Investigation Could Take Years

This is when you know this is all about politics, and not about right and wrong. There is an email in the world that can’t be accessed within a few minutes–especially with the NSA’s help. You are allowed to laugh at that . . .

It’s going to take years . . . but this is all a witchhunt. It’s going to take years . . . but Lois Lerner claims she did nothing wrong. It’s going to take years . . . but this was only done by a couple rogue agents in Cincinnati.

Yeah, right . . .

What dismays me is not one person in a position to know has come forward and spilled the beans. Not one person who is a central position who can blow the case wide open has come forward. All of these people are too worried about their pensions, their salaries, and their reputations among their peers. I can only shake my head. Not one of them has a sense of morality at all. Pathetic, really.

In my Govicide novels, it’s much the same way. There are people within the One World Government who know what is truly happening all over the World. They know about innocent people being executed. About the OWG’s programs not working. About the growing suicide rate. But not one of them says a thing–all of them too worried about rising to another level of bureaucracy within the OWG. Needless to say, no civilization–socialist, capitalist or otherwise can continue like this.

We need people to come forward when they see corruption. We need people to think of their salaries less and their sensibilities. We need people who know immorality when they see it.


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