It Takes The Government

After a few days off and a plane ride, I’m back:

For the record, I have no children. But I was a child once–yes, really. And my parents let me go just about anywhere I wanted by myself. As a 10 or 11 year old, I’d venture a couple miles away from home and my parents wouldn’t care. Yes, I grew up in the country but there was a major road running right beside my house, a river within walking distance, forests, creeks, plenty of places for a boy to get into trouble.

And still my parents never thought twice about it. I should note: I think it’s the reason I’m somewhat fearless today when it comes to going places, moving, striking out in new directions, etc.

Whereas, what’s the mantra today: Young adults never leave home. They live in the basement. It’s like they’re overgrown 12 year olds. They never grow up.

Could it be they’re like this because as children they were sheltered due to what’s mentioned in the story? Parents afraid to allow their children to roam due to government intrusion so the parents overprotect their children, thus scaring them about the world.

By the way, the stats in this story are correct: Violence against women and children is down in the USA. So, what’s the big deal? Has the sensationalization of certain child disappearances affected our culture that much?

Well, I look to my Govicide books for the answer . . .

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government wants the Masses to be obedient. But it also wants them to be afraid. Afraid to think differently. Afraid to act differently. Afraid of the world. Why? Then the OWG can swoop in and show how it’ll make everything better. That’s what I think when I read this article and see a cop turned in a parent–Keep in mind, it wasn’t enough for the cop to take the child home; he had to charge the parent as well. Overkill . . . It’s like: Listen to us or else.

We gotta get off parent’s backs. We have to let the many, many good ones allow their children to be adventurous, despite the irrational fears about the world.

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