It Starts Early

Socialists and terrorists know when to start their endoctrination:

Muslim Children Want A Caliphate

And I’m sure they can’t even spell the word, although I’m distressed they probably know what it means.

This is a sign of something we as conservatives don’t fully understand yet. How do I know we don’t understand it? Because most conservatives keep sending their children to public schools–that’s how I know. What these children in the Middle East are spouting is no different than when American children go on and on about global warming and economic justice and vegetarianism and Barack Obama.

All these children are brainwashed–taught ideas for a political/religious agenda and not for an educational one. In all these cases there is another line of thinking but these children know nothing about it. That’s endoctrination–not education.

We as conservatives worry about children; in fact we worry about them before they’re even born. But somehow we lose them between their day of birth and about their 30th birthday. And it costs us dearly. We allow these children to take on bad habits and worse thoughts.

Whereas liberals understand the reason, for example, that militaries try to enlist young men and women and not 30-year olds. Thirty year olds put up a little bit more resistance to conforming with the threat of violence than teenagers do, despite the idea that teeneagers are rebels. Teenagers are actually conformists to whatever powerful movement they’re shown, especially if they’re never taught anything else. Thus, liberalism. Thus, radical Islam.

In my Govicide novels, in the One World Government endoctrination starts early. Young people are never taught to think for themselves or to be suspicious of whatever they’re taught. They’re taught to obey or else.

Much like public education or radical Islam in the 21st century.

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