Internet Goes Bye-Bye

I predicted this over 4 years ago:

Internet Is Not Under USA Control Anymore

And I don’t really feel that special about my prognostication. Anybody who pays attention to world events and history knew it had to happen. Hey, if Supreme Court Justices have no problem citing laws from other countries to justify their decisions, then it’s no surprise that the #1 freedom-loving country in the world is willing to give up control of the Internet to the used car salesmen of the World.

Of course, we can get into the conspiratorial side of this. Why did this Administration do it? Maybe because the Internet is the #1 enemy of liberalism, not just here but everywhere in the World. And Obama knows he can’t get away with controlling speech on the information highway, so he’s hoping somebody else does it for him. That would be my best guess.

In fact, that makes more sense than anything else now that I think about it more deeply . . .

Oh, what do I mean that I predicted it?

In Govicide novels, there’s a computer network called, “The System.” It’s essentially the Internet. But more precisely, it’s a combination of Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And it’s used so people can order their Goods and Services from the One World Government. But it is also used to track people all over the world. In one scene, my main character gets to see one of its main control rooms where OWG workers watch huge screens, searching for subjects trying to evade the OWG’s heavy hand.

And I predict this is exactly what will happen with the Internet eventually. Free speech sites will disappear and they’ll be replaced by viruses that make sure you aren’t doing anything against the World’s wishes.

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