I’m All For It

As much as I like the death penalty, this bothers me:

AZ Execution Takes 2 Hours

I know, I know, and it’s even mentioned in the article: Hardly anybody feels about this. The guy was evil. He was a murderer. He deserved to suffer. We know all the reasons many people love mistakes like this.

But, for those of us who think the death penalty is a moral sentence, we need to be wary, even for those of us who have a lust for seeing these guys suffer. Something like this only hurts the argument for the death penalty. In fact, there’s a part of me that believes some of these executions are botched on purpose–I mean, who really cares, right?–by liberal government officials so as to make the death penalty as gruesome as possible, so as to make it illegal.

Yes, they’d do that. You know they would.

We as conservatives should be arguing for the quickest way to execute people, not the safest or kindest. The quickest is the best for our side and the best for the person being executed. Bring back the guillotine I say. Or the firing squad.

Electric chair? Too long. Hanging? Too long and too “old West”. Injection? Too slow and often botched.

We as conservatives should never see a horrible spectacle like this as good for our side regarding the death penalty even though we get perverse joy out of the prisoner suffering. That can only lead to bread and circuses which we don’t need.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government carries out executions with supreme precision. Yes, it does quite a bit of torture, too. But when it decides to kill someone, it does it–quickly. Maybe AZ and some other state could learn from my fictional Government.

AZ, get your act together. Import a guillotine from France, whatever you gotta do.

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