How It Will Go

We now have no doubt on how the end, if it happens, will happen:

Why Bother?

There’s no doubt how the Free World will end anymore. It won’t be by a nuclear bomb. It won’t be through a violent Communist takeover. It won’t even be by the spread of Islamic terrorist.

It will end when good people decide everything’s not worth the bother.

Having figured this out a long time ago, I wrote this concept into the plot of my Govicide novels. The One World Government doesn’t come to be through superior firepower or even the simple process of lying. In fact, the people know the OWG’s plans and go along with it. The people participate in their own enslaving.

Why would they do that? Because the taxes get too high. The regulation gets too stringent. The public officials become to overpowering. Life is tough enough as it is, right? Who has the strength for one more fight?

The World as we know it will end when good people get tired of fighting–this is how it will go.

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