Hey Neighbor

This is exactly what a controlling Government wants:

Water Wasters Ratted Out By Neighbors

See, big government doesn’t even need to do the work anymore. It now has nosy citizens doing its work. I can only shake my head . . .

I’m not a big believer in people spying on each other. I’m not for Government spying on people, as you well know. But this whole thing reminds me of the secret police of so many socialist countries present and past.

The problem, of course, is too many people get off on tattling on their neighbors. They get some thrill out of it that I don’t totally understand. I think it all falls under the idea of being a “good citizen”. The way I think about it: Being the eyes and ears of government isn’t the exact way to be a good citizen. Following the law is the way to be a good citizen, and let the government do its business on its own. If somebody is breaking a trivial law like water use, let the government figure it out.

In my Govicide novels, the Masses are tools of the One World Government. They spy on each other and do what they can to make sure the OWG knows everything that’s going on. They think they’re helping the overall situation of their civilization while they are actually destroying it.

Don’t be a tool for the state. Keep your eyes off your neighbor.

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