Government Science

I agree with this post at HotAir:

Crappy Scientific Research

. . . but somehow everyone involved in the article including Jazz Shaw himself ignore a major point: Much of scientific research is financed by some form of government, whether it be Federal, State, Local. This research could even take form as a study done by a college or university. In the end, all of it is Government money.

And, as we know, Government has an agenda. So it can’t re relied upon to come to un-biased conclusions.

I laugh when I read the excuses the researchers use: They don’t understand the math they’re using. C’mon, cannot they not find some expert statistician to give them a hand?

Or, they’re pressured to publish something? Hey, all of you could never publish another paper the rest of your lives and this is one guy who would be fine with it.

But, we know why they feel pressured: Because they can’t make big bucks otherwise. And where do those big bucks come from? The Government. And we don’t really believe that they’re going to publish anything that contradicts they’re financiers, do we?

The truth is this: The financing of research by Government is one of the most unrespected problem of our time. We can’t allow Government to shade how we view and understand the World. All science must be independent.

In my Govicide novels, you can see what happens when the Government controls science. What happens? Nobody knows anything. Why? Because the Government finds it easier to control people when they’re clueless.

All you researchers out there, do your work on your own, please. Reject Government money.

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