Get Out!

I’m sure everybody has heard about this:

Cuomo Want Conservatives To Leave NY

Liberals should remember one thing: They need us more than we need them. Maybe this is what’s running through the Governor’s head as he now backtracks on his words. Socialists need as many people under their power as possible so they can soak citizens for as much as is possible.

The truth is conservatives have been leaving the Northeast for decades now–that’s why it turned blue so fast. These people didn’t need a governor to tell them that they weren’t desired there.

Not to give too much away but in my Govicide novels, a very similar migration happens–people of a certain freedom-loving ilk recognize the times are getting dangerous for them so they vanish. In essence, they leave civilization and allow the socialists of the World to energize the One World Government the way they want.

Isn’t it funny: Socialists never leave freedom–they try to change it. While conservatives flee tyranny, just wanting to be left alone.

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