Entertainment Too!

Government is everywhere:

Obamacare in TV & Film

One more sign liberals will never ever stop trying to tell you what’s good for you. You. Must. Do. As. They. Say! I can foresee a time when none of us will ever be able to get away from pro-big government messages.

Meaning (and to paraphrase  a well-known entertainment saying): If you think Hollywood is liberal now, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

And never think this is some kind of coincidence. This is all part of the plan to make sure no one ever grows up to be a conservative. They are attacking us from all fronts.

In my Govicide novels, and has it has been in all repressive regimes, the Government uses entertainment as a way to further its agenda. Every film, book, or tv show speaks favorably of the One World Government and the job it does for the Masses.

I guess the issue we have in the USA is all of the liberals in entertainment know this. They know current and former regimes used propaganda through entertainment to further their control over people. Yet, somehow, they think they’re different, as if all of that prior history doesn’t mean anything.

Or, it could be Hollywood loves the former Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany, and the current regimes in China and North Korea. Actually, that’s probably very close to the truth.

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