I found this morsel–a theme that was predicted in my novels and elsewhere:

Shortage Of Doctors

Doctors don’t appear out of thin air. Nurses aren’t conjured from some netherworld. Therapists, specialists, x-ray techs, etc. aren’t robots that are built, work, then shut down at the end of the day.

The medical field is made up of people like any other industry. And people go into medicine by choice, not by force–at least not yet.

However, my Govicide novels detail what happens when people don’t feel like working anymore. Instead, the Government picks what people will do. If they don’t like it? Tough. Is that the kind of person you want taking care of you–someone who’s forced to do it? Someone who has no interest in it? Someone who might gag at the sight of blood?

The problem is this is the only logical conclusion when Government takes over an industry and makes it unpleasant for everyone. Nobody wants to go into the profession willingly. Is this what freedom is about? I don’t think so.

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