DisTrust is Good

Kind of a mixed message in this story but I’ll take it:

Millennials More Distrustful And More Independent

Yes, most of them are still lefties but where there is distrust, there is room for conservatives to make in-roads.

Since most of you don’t know me personally, I’ll tell you that I’m a cynical person when it comes to people, organizations, and institutions. It’s the main reason I don’t get on here or my podcast to defend people–politicians, athletes, entertainers, etc. Rarely do we truly know people’s motivations. And we surely don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

I know in many circles that this attitude makes me somewhat arrogant and self-centered. All I can say is: I understand. That doesn’t mean I don’t like people. I do. However, I rarely trust them inherently. I’m a trust but verify type of guy.

Instead, I’m a defender of ideas. Because ideas don’t change. They have definitions and meanings that are universal. I defend conservative ideas. I don’t defend conservative people–they can do that themselves.

So, I can only hope that these young people are taking on my attitude. The truth is probably for too long in USA history citizens trusted their Government a little too much. In a way, Watergate was both good and bad for the country. Badly, it exposed an ugly underbelly of politics. “Good-ly”, it exposed an ugly underbelly of politics. You know what I mean?

In my Govicide books, the Masses trust the One World Government. Why? Because it gives them everything. And it never allows the Masses to see its mistakes, which are many. This keeps the OWG all-powerful, making it easier to control its subjects.

I can only hope young people see the mistakes of this Government and begin to trust only one person: themselves.

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