Very sad story out of the Philippines:

At Least 1000 Dead in Typhoon 

The impact of disasters on civilizations is fascinating to me, going way to back to the days of Pompeii. So, I included the topic in my Govicide novels after noticing something very telling in real life.

Have you ever noticed how free countries endure snowstorms, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, much better than socialized ones do? And that’s interesting to me since socialized ones claim they care for their people more than the capitalist ones do.

Yes, we can throw in most African and Muslim nations into the mix as well since none of them truly embrace freedom.

Look at worldwide statistics to see how thousands and thousands of people die in these nations despite the countries knowing a storm is coming. Sure, the USA had Katrina–but in the end it was miniscule compared to what China and other countries have faced. Even this typhoon in the Philippines–do we really believe thousands of Americans would’ve died if it hit Florida or Louisiana or Texas?

This is relevant to my books because I detail in each how disasters occurred during the One World Government’s reign and how it let thousands of people die. It couldn’t protect them. It couldn’t warn them. It didn’t do anything to help them despite it claiming it existed for those very reasons.

Why can’t socialized/communist countries protect their people better? It’s a few different reasons but I will pick out one in particular: They see their citizens as pawns, as gears in a machine. And if parts of a machine go bad, you throw them out and get new ones. Dictatorial countries see no value in their citizens except following over coming from the central government. Everything else is just talk.

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