Disappeared Stories

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Censorship in China

If a person writes some kind of political science fiction novel, censorship must be a major topic. So, it’s a major theme of all three of my Govicide novels. However, I go even further in mine illustrating the relationship education, media, and censorship.

The important point to understand about censorship is the more socialist the government, the worse the controlling of news will be. And yes, the basic reason is the government controls the news in these circumstances. More to the point, there are no socialist/communist countries where the media is liberated.

But, there’s another reason this all goes together.

To understand this, we must appreciate how socialists come to power. Their usual chant is something along the lines of, “Everything will be equal. Everything will be perfect. Everyone will be happy.” Etc.

Well, when none of that happens, you don’t really believe the Socialists are going to allow the news to report their failures, do you? These stories from China are a perfect example.

Whereas, in a free country, one where people make their own lives, a freedom-loving Government realizes bad things are going to happen. Mistakes will be made. And liberty-lovers never claim anything different. So, there’s no reason to control the news because the Government has nothing to fear because it’s been honest from the start.

In free countries, there are no “disappeared stories.”

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