Democratic Ownership

Socialists . . . they’re a funny, but deadly, bunch:

Seattle Socialist Talks About Boeing

And what I mean by that is very literal–they make me laugh and they are deadly serious. Remember: They’ve killed millions.

In my Govicide series I don’t explicitly cover in every detail how the Earth goes from having 150 countries to only having one–the One World Government. But, what this socialist mentions in her speech is what happens in my books. “Ownership” is re-defined as the buildings, machinery, capital, products, etc. are transfered by force from the people who own them to the workers who think they’re entitled to them.

Now, what happens in my books is probably what will happen with Boeing: Eventually we’ll find that Boeing has ceased to make any airplanes while the workers somehow still get paid. How this is captured in my books is cars aren’t made anymore. Yes, there are jets but they’re over 100 years old. Food is scarce. Sometimes buildings have heat, other times they don’t.

In essence, there is a lot less of everything except Government.

There can be “democratic ownership” but only when everyone involved has acquired their piece of the pie through actually buying it–not through the militaristic seizing of every means of production. And the problem with this socialist’s view, and every collectivist’s view for that matter, is this: This kind of business setup doesn’t work. Never has. Never will. Would you like an example?

The most recent example would be China. Sure, a lot of stuff is made there. But, does China do any creating on its own? New designs? New engineering concepts? Breakthroughs in science or anything else? Of course not. Instead it has to steal from the USA and others–look at every military piece of hardware that it’s displayed in the last 20 years. They’re total rip-offs from capitalist countries.

So, good luck, Seattle. Good luck, Boeing. Welcome to Socialism.

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