Several thoughts come to mind when I read an article like this:

Cuban Baseball Star Coming to USA

And these thoughts have a lot to do with topics in my Govicide books.

First, there is defection as a physical act–moving one place to another. My main character and his girlfriend, starting book #2, Survive, leave the safe confines of the One World Government for an unknown future. They journey from what is Las Vegas to LA where someone is supposed to meet them. As is the case of this baseball player, Michael Locke–once again, my main character–believes there is a better life for him somewhere else. And he is willing to do quite a bit to find it.

However, there is also the mental act of defecting. This is shown in my novels as well. What do I mean by that? I mean believing in socialism/communism/collectivism but leaving it every once in a while, as my main character discovers people doing in the OWG. People believing in socialized medicine but expecting capitalist healthcare when it pertains to themselves. Believing in public transportation but taking personal vehicles everywhere. Believing in the same for everyone but certain people getting to experience luxuries most others will not. I call that, “mental defecting.”

The truth is this: Communism, for those in power, is an ideology of convenience, not of faith. For those not in power, it’s an ideology of faith, not of convenience.

And this explains why people in communist power only defect mentally, while those not in power have only one choice: defecting physically.

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