Death Panels

This is a great article even though myself and many others knew about death panels long before Sarah Palin made them famous:

Sarah Palin was right

The extermination either through “nice” or ugly means has been around as long as humans have walked the Earth. But something we should keep in mind is they are usually part of dictatorships and brutal regimes, not part of civilizations where people are free to pick their own leaders.

In my Govicide novels, specifically Comply and Survive, people allowing themselves to be sacrificed for the overall health of the One World Government is alluded to. In their society people accept it as much as eating and breathing. Why? Because they’ve been convinced that no other way can work. That allowing people to live, and trying to cure them in their later years, is a waste of government time and resources.

Of course, my main characters in novels have an excuse: They don’t know any better. Granted, they learn eventually. But, they’re never told that another way of living is possible.

Whereas, all of us in the real world know old people can be cared for through the free market system if Government will get out the way. It makes you wonder: What exactly does the Federal Government have against old people? Could it be it doesn’t like them because they’re the wise ones? Because they’re the ones who remember better times? Because they’re the ones who keep us cultural attached to our traditions? I wonder . . .

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