Cult City

I don’t think this is news but it gets me going on a tangent:

City people and Country Are Different

One of the main traits of dictatorial regimes is the insistence that people live in particular places in hordes. In the case of the Khmer Rouge, they marched people out into the country, making them slaves, executing all the educated ones.

On the other hand, the Soviets and the North Koreans made/make it almost impossible for people to live in the country, living off their own work–of course that was outlawed in both societies. They wanted people under the Government’s thumb–forcing people to rely on Government, so the people have no choice to live in the cities.

In fact, the more choice people have about where they can live, the more likely it is they live in a free country. This is the very reason I’ve insisted for years that liberalism is a cult due to one of their traits: They live in collected groups, never venturing outside their area. Look at one of those red state/blue state maps to see what I mean. Look how conservatives are spread out all over the USA while liberals huddle in the cities, feeding off the teat of Government.

And they call the Tea Party a cult . . .

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government forced the Masses into the cities so it would be easier to watch over them. Little did it know that this would eventually lead to the rise of its enemy–not to give too much away. Easier for the OWG to disperse food, video and record the Masses, find Offenders, and keep everyone rounded up like cattle.

So, in the end, it’s no wonder this study finds what it does. The people in flyover country are freedom lovers; the people in the cities are socialists. And I admit that as a conservative living in a metropolitan area . . .


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