Complete Innocence

I could cite many, many different examples but I’ll go with this one: Problems? Republicans Did It!

First lesson of Big Government: It’s never going to take blame when something it does goes wrong. Never, ever, never, ever, never, ever, ever. And it will point it’s finger at its enemy as the cause of the problems, even if the enemy can’t seem to walk and talk at the same time.

There are many examples of this in my Govicide novels. The One World Government blames problems its subjects experience on people called, “Offenders,”–people who sometimes break mandates within The OWG. When, in reality, these people have nothing to do with the problems. The problems, of course, are caused by The OWG itself.

In addition, The OWG goes as far as creating a “fictional” boogey man–the Free Enterpriser, who will come and take every subjects Goods and Services away. Meaning, Free Enterprisers want people to starve and die. When, in reality, in my novels no group takes away more Goods and Services than The OWG. Why? Because its system of providing everything for everyone doesn’t work. But, it will never take the blame for failure. Instead, it silences those who complain and those who The OWG can’t feed or clothe.

So, if you’re looking for Liberals to ever take the blame for any of their boondoggles, forget it. Not gonna happen.

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