Common Rotten Core

Has anyone heard any common person in education speak well of this program?

Common Core Is Centralized Education

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve heard even a few liberal teachers I know complain about this replacement to No Child Left Behind. Now, I’m not saying that they suddenly agree with conservatives when it comes to public education. But you know when liberals start complaining about their numero uno business, you know it’s serious.

Of course Common Core is centralized education. But all public education, no matter the program, is centralized education. Not that it started out that way. But it’s that way now.

I’ve developed a new idea about education within the last few years. This idea concerns how education and media are related. I realized that they must mesh in their information dissemination if both are to be taken seriously. For example, education can’t be conservative and media be liberal. And the reverse is also true. They must sync for them to keep up the charade.

So, what it really means is if we agree our education is centralized, then our media must be centralized as well despite the belief that our news and media is independent and private.

What I’ve begun to believe is the reason so many people hate Fox News is not because it’s conservative–actually, not a lot of it is. Instead, I believe people hate it because it portrays the world in a different way than what people have learned in school–whether it be high school or college. And we all know how people react when they come up against something that opposes their worldview.

It’s a theory I’m still working on. What’s important is that no matter what the Federal plan is called: Public education in its current form sucks.

In my Govicide novels, education and media are like gears in a fine-oiled machine, smooth and precise to a millionth of an inch. They make sure the Masses only know so much. They make sure the Masses only know the positive parts of the One World Government. And they protect the OWG from any outside ideas stealing its power.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that education in the USA is marching toward this same One World Government setup.

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