When my editor was going through my third book, Resist, she especially liked this one.

In that book, I detail how the government department, Govicide, came to be. Not to give too much away but . . . I explain how over the years preceding my books the IRS got more and more power to the point where it was more than a revenue-collection organization. Instead, it became the department that protected the government’s interests all over the world once the One World Government was formed. At that point its name was changed to the Govicide Department–like a Homicide Department, but different. (I should probably do a blog about the word, govicide.)

Well, my editor applauded me for putting that into the third book given recent events of 2012 and 2013, especially in the IRS’s connection to Obamacare. I had to tell her that those years had nothing to do with it. I came up with the IRS changing into an even more tyrannical department back in 2010 when Resist was written. Specifically, I had no idea the IRS would be involved in Obamacare, although I could easily predict 3 years ago that the IRS would continue to get more and more power as the Federal Government got larger and larger.

And, what do you know? Here we are in 2013 and the IRS is being given way more power than its originators could’ve ever predicted, and way more power than it ever should have. The Govicide series is coming true.


I don’t know how predictive I was regarding this particular topic but the situation for car owners has certainly gotten worse since I started the trilogy in 2010. 

In my books, automobiles are rare–only the most powerful in the OWG, Govicide Agents, get to drive them. Everyone else must take buses or walk. The reason? Many. Government manufactures everything in my books and why should it make cars when it’s Goods and Services that people really want. The Masses would rather have free healthcare than a car. They’d rather have a roof over their head than private transportation. They’d rather receive free food than automobiles. So, the Government makes its decisions according to these desires.

And don’t think that couldn’t happen today. Remember, the Federal Government already has its hooks in two of the three car companies in the USA. Combining that with the Government’s belief that cars create climate change, it’s not hard to imagine a scenario where the Government would shut down all production if it had control of it.

I haven’t even mentioned the insane schemes Government has tried on us in recent years. High speed rail, elevated trains, more public buses. All in an effort to take people’s cars away from them. And don’t think the Federal Government won’t use the black boxes that are now being installed in new cars as a way to take cars away from owners.

One last point, I think in the end big governments hate private vehicles because they show our individualism. And we know how much big government hates that. 


I am sure it is no surprise I included media control in a trilogy about a tyrannical government. However, when I started writing the first book in 2010, I thought I was actually overshooting what was possible, knowing that the 21st century media was biased but not even it could be THIS biased.

I was wrong. As if taken from one of the pages of my three books, Chris Matthews of MSNBC in November 2011 said the following: “Just tell us, Commander. Give us our orders.” This was one of those rare occasions in my life where I hated being correct.

The role of media is to be a watchdog, seeking out government corruption in all its forms no matter where it is, no matter who it takes down. It should never take orders from Government–Federal, State or Local. And surely a reporter should never feel comfortable coming out in public and requesting to be pointed in a particular direction by any government official. But that’s the situation we have in the 21st century.

I wrote my trilogy as fiction. How long will it remain that way?



Over the past four years, no topic has been debated more than healthcare. But even before that, it’s been well-known that politicians, on the whole, receive much better plans than the average citizen does. That’s kind of hard to figure out considering they are our servants, not the opposite. They work for us, not the opposite. They are our employees, not the opposite.

When I started Comply in February 2010, the Tea Party movement–I’m a big fan, was already in full swing, especially against Obamacare. And it occurred to me at the time that there was no way politicians would ever have to conduct their healthcare within the restrictions of Obamacare. So, I inserted this into Comply where higher-ups in the OWG (One World Government) would get to go to the front of the line for all sorts of services, while the Masses would have to patiently wait, even if it meant them dying from the simplest of ailments.

And, what do you know? Starting in 2012, the waivers started with people who have strong connections to the Federal Government. Eventually, and most recently, it reached the politicians themselves who’ve now figured out how to exempt themselves from the very healthcare they passed.

One more example of a “prediction of fact” occurring in one of my books before it becomes fact in real life.. Thanks for visiting.


From the earliest parts of the first book in the trilogy, Comply, cash plays a central part in the plot. In the stories. it’s illegal. Why? Because it can’t be tracked, especially if it has no serial numbers on it. Think about it. Compare the differences between using your credit card and using cash. When you use your credit card, digital signatures are created all over the place and it would only take the Government a few minutes to figure out where you are and what you bought. If you follow crime stories, you know that one of the ways criminals get caught is by using a victim’s credit and ATM cards. Well, the Government can do the same thing with law abiding citizens as well. Whereas, if you use cash, sure, the Government will know you took money out of an ATM. But, they don’t know how you spent that money. They wouldn’t be able to track your purchases and where you shopped. I mean, why do you think cash was so popular in a show like The Soprano’s? It’s none of the Government’s business as to what you buy and where you shop. And because I believe governments around the world more and more want to track their citizens, I’m inclined to think this is the reason they labor so much in making it easier for us to pay for government services with our plastic–DMV, income tax, licenses, etc. When this is put together with other aspects of increasing government control in the early 21st century, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that somewhere down the road cash will be illegal, and we’ll only be able to buy goods and services using a card of some type that allows the government to track us in a split second. As a side note, it should be noted that when all currency becomes digital, it also makes it much easier for the government to devalue the currency–thus all our net worths–with the click of one button. Whereas, to devalue currency the old-fashioned way–through inflation–takes times and a lot of work.


Well before the using drones to spy on US citizens became a national issue in 2013, I wrote about the very same thing in my second sci-fi novel, Govicide: Survive. As I remember, I wrote that book somewhere around April to June of 2010–3 years before the topic came to the front burner. In my case, the main character, Michael Locke, must figure out how to provide for himself and his girlfriend, Jade, while drones swirl all around the skies of future Los Angeles looking for them. They’re holed up in an abandoned Starbuck’s hoping not to be found, while waiting for someone who is supposed to come and save them. But, they have no food and they’re beginning to starve. So, Michael must venture out, knowing the drones are waiting for him.


You should first know I wrote the entire trilogy–Comply, Survive, and Resist–all in 2010, from February to the end of August as I remember. And, although, they were all edited, none of the content was changed. Meaning, I didn’t update scenes to fit news stories in 2011, 2012, or 2013. This first example is a perfect representation of that.

In my first book, Comply, the reader finds out about The System. It’s a computer network that has the ability to follow anyone, anywhere using barcodes, keycards, website visits, remote cameras, etc. I envisioned it being a combination of Google, Facebook, Ebay, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. And what do you know? What have we found out recently, two years after I had already envisioned The System? All of those companies have been working with the Federal Government of the USA to spy on emails, purchases, and website visits. And not only have they been working with the Government, they’ve been paid to do so. So, if you’d like to read the kind of problems this can cause for the average person somewhere down the road, say 50 or 100 years, check out the first book in my Govicide trilogy, Comply. You can find it here: 


You don’t know me. Why should you since I haven’t been doing much marketing of my book or myself to this point. But, with this blog, I hope to change that. You see, I’m an author who took modern issues and extrapolated them out to their eventual ends in my Govicide political, sci-fi series of books. Thus the sub-title, “Where Fact Becomes Fiction.” So, on a daily basis I’m going to find an article in the news and then tell you how I used it in one of my books, even pointing out the chapter where it’s first mentioned. I’m doing this because a few people have told me my books are crazy, impossible, “could never happen.” Well, I’m here to tell you the future I detail in my books is very possible. And I’m going to use everyday news to prove it.