But Wait . . .

I suppose this poll was inevitable, as was the result:

Voters Wish Romney Won

I know a lot of conservatives and Republicans take great joy in something like this. I don’t–all it really shows is our messaging sucks and we didn’t convince the voters that the future would be the one they’re experiencing now.

Not that I’m a huge fan of Romney. I’m not.

What we as conservatives haven’t yet embedded in people’s minds is that at some point the steps we take to turn this country around will be too late. It’ll be like putting on a parachute 10ft. before you hit the ground and think it’s going to save you.

The problem is too many believe in do-overs, mulligans, etc. They’re convinced it’s never too late for anything–“Oh, we’ll see what this guy can do. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll make a better decision next time.” Well, there’s never a guarantee of a next time. In fact tomorrow isn’t even a sure thing.

In my Govicide novels, too many people who think like I do thought the World could be turned around as its situations got worse and worse. And they waited so long that many of them ended getting executed for their beliefs. Some escaped, but not many.

And when the collectivists come for you, yelling, “But, wait . . . ” never works.

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