This on-going saga has even made it into my non-sports blog:

Incognito Denies Bullying

The reason I chose to highlight this story today, though, is bullying is an unspoken topic of all three of my Govicide novels. But, bullying by government, not by citizens. In the series, Govicide Agents, including my main characters, harass, manipulate, and coerce average people all in an effort to make sure the One World Government’s desires come true.

And, of course, what’s good for the OWG is good for everyone . . . where have we heard that before?

Because here in the year 2013, we are being bullied. In fact, that’s what big government is whether it’s in a fiction world or in reality. And it–the Government–will always tell you it’s bullying you for your own benefit. Or, it’ll try to convince you that forcing its way into your life is better for other people–I wonder if these “other people” even exist?

Whereas, as in our personal lives, bullying is only good for one person: The bully. Likewise, bullying by government is only good for one entity: The Government.

We’re being bullied. The sooner we realize it, the sooner we will hit the bully back.

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