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I found this nugget on the Drudge Report today:

Google’s Private Plane Pollution

Although I do talk about global warming and pollution in my Govicide series, I want to concentrate more on the air travel part. And even traveling, in general.

In my novels, specifically the first one, Comply, I reveal how only One World Government elites get to travel by jet. Everyone else? The truth is they don’t travel at all. Yes, they go to work. But they rarely leave the city in which they live.  Flying in a jet is not possible for any subjects in the OWG.

I see this happening today. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the Federal Government has made it more difficult to fly. In fact, it much easier to see they wish people to travel by bus and train if they need to go anywhere, instead of taking the quickest way: flying.

Think of all the high speed rail boondoggles currently on the books. Look at how the price of gas has risen. Observe the march toward getting vehicles off the roads.

Sure, the Government says it’s for the reason of reducing pollution. However, the truth is the air in the USA is the cleanest it’s been since before the Industrial Revolution. I mean, how clean does it have to be?

For me, every time I think about Government trying to tell us how to travel and what vehicles to use, I get the feeling they’re trying to herd us, and make it harder for us to be individuals.

And you can read all about it in my Govicide books.

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