A Common Theme

This is simply another story furthering a common theme on this blog:

Obama Blames Racism

If you learn anything from this blog, my podcast, my Twitter feed, etc., you should remember that socialists/liberals/communists/collectivists are never ever going to admit their policies don’t work. No matter how obvious. No matter how evident. No matter if the World is crumbling all around them.

Instead, they’ll shift blame to whoever is convenient. And, if they can’t do that, they’ll claim nothing is wrong. Where do you think the term, “new normal,” comes from?

Now, behind the scenes? Who knows . . . I’m not sure if Obama really believes what he is saying or not. But, that doesn’t even matter. The only situation that matters is what he is willing to cop to . . . and that is nothing.

In my Govicide novels, as I’ve stated before, the same is true. The One World Government tells the Masses everything is fine. And if it’s not fine, it’s because somebody is trying to work against the OWG. You know, kinda like how Kim Jung Un claimed his uncle was ruining North Korea by his alleged backroom deal. Yeah . . . right.

Remember: Never expect the other side to admit wrongdoing.

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