Articles for January 23, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Republicans botch anti-abortion bill.

MY RESPONSE: Trust me, Renee Ellmers had her reasons. I don’t agree with them but . . .

HEADLINE: Anti-gay customer takes cake maker to Court.

MY RESPONSE: To quote Rev. Wright: The chickens have come home to roost for liberals.

HEADLINE: Sheriff says he will not enforce new NY gun permit law.

MY RESPONSE: You liberals do not want to get into a civil disobedience contest with us.

Articles for January 22, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: People are suffering from racial fatigue.

MY RESPONSE: Yep, we white are tired of being made out to the bad guys.

HEADLINE: Joni didn’t mention Executive Amnesty in her Response.

MY RESPONSE: Her response doesn’t mean anything . . . I’m more bothered by something else.

Articles for January 21, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Obama gives State of the Union address.

MY RESPONSE: The state of our Union sucks.

HEADLINE: Why Obama never says “Radical Islam”

MY RESPONSE: The article’s reasoning is wrong. And wow, those Muslims sure are paranoid and touchy.

HEADLINE: Patriots fans go to LONG lengths to defend their team.

MY RESPONSE: One more version of idol worship and losing perspective.

Articles for January 20, 2015

HEADLINE: Conservatives and their fake Likes and website hits.

MY RESPONSE: We conservatives are supposed to be the integrity-minded ones.

No link needed

HEADLINE: Boston protesters block highway.

MY RESPONSE: Just remember: These are same people who want to legalize weed, my fellow conservatives.

HEADLINE: Seth Rogen and Michael Moore make fun of the military.

MY RESPONSE: DO NOT give these kinds of people legitimacy.

HEADLINE: ISIS executes soccer-watching teenagers.

MY RESPONSE: Infringement of our free speech eventually affects everything, although we may not notice it at the beginning.

Articles for January 19, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Martin Luther King Day.

MY RESPONSE: MLK was great; his disciples have tarnished the civil rights movement.

HEADLINE: American Sniper soars, Selma tanks.

MY RESPONSE: One movie handles an imperfect human’s life by leaving a few things out; the other trashes historical figures to make its point. And moviegoers have noticed. 

HEADLINE: Obama is gonna play offense.

MY RESPONSE: HOPE and CHANGE is raising taxes on the wealthy and free college . . . who knew?

HEADLINE: Miss Lebanon gets crap from her fellow citizens.

MY RESPONSE: But somehow the allegedly bigoted Israelis see nothing wrong with Miss Israel in a pic with Miss Lebanon.