Articles for January 30, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Mitt not running.

MY RESPONSE: And that’s bad news for conservatives. Yes, really.

HEADLINE: Democrats at a Retreat in . . . Philly.

MY RESPONSE: The oldsters will continue to lead them.

HEADLINE: Sharyl Attkisson testifies at AG hearing.

MY RESPONSE: As a conservative, is it okay if I start to doubt her story?

HEADLINE: Code Pink interrupts committee.

MY RESPONSE: Kissinger? Vietnam? Really?

Articles for January 29, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Gay AL politician threatens to out straight cheaters.

MY RESPONSE: I like it–we have to be more consistent in our actions and beliefs.

HEADLINE: Michele Obama doesn’t wear a head scarf.

MY RESPONSE: Why is it surprise? Because of her husband.

HEADLINE: McDonald’s CEO is booted.

MY RESPONSE: The restaurant chain, I fear, has succumbed to foodie political correctness.

HEADLINE: Beijing Mayor says his city is unliveable due to smog.

MY RESPONSE: When the Mayor is saying it . . . how can I argue?

Articles for January 28, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Hillary to testify about Benghazi.

MY RESPONSE: Don’t expect any fireworks.

HEADLINE: Sarah Palin doesn’t motivate bloggers like she used to.

MY RESPONSE: No big deal. She’s fine with that.

HEADLINE: Marijuana is fastest growing business in the USA.

MY RESPONSE: Then everybody should have addicts for customers.

HEADLINE: Russia finances green energy movement in the USA.

MY RESPONSE: There’s big money behind everything.

Articles for January 27, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Blizzard 2015 to paralyze the Northeast.

MY RESPONSE: Science can’t even get a snowstorm right but it insists it knows what the Earth’s temperature will be in 1000 years.

HEADLINE: Obama’s approval ratings up to 50%.

MY RESPONSE: Obama is nothing but the wife in a three-way relationship.

HEADLINE: Bowe Bergdahl is a deserter.

MY RESPONSE: Uh, no kidding.

HEADLINE: “Ball-ghazi”

MY RESPONSE: Does the average person know where the “ghazi” comes from? And does this mean Benghazi is now OFFICIALLY a scandal?

Articles for January 26, 2015 Show

HEADLINE: Ron Paul ruing Rand Paul’s Presidential run.

MY RESPONSE: This is who Ron Paul is–I tried to warn you.

HEADLINE: Scott wows at Iowa Summit.

MY RESPONSE: He’s the only guy who’s battle-hardened.

HEADLINE: Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado has regrets about marijuana legalization.

MY RESPONSE: It must even worse behind scenes for Governor to admit this.

HEADLINE: Donald Trump speaks at Iowa Summit.

MY RESPONSE: He’s not going to run because he can’t stand losing–and Republicans should blow him off.