Articles for December 31, 2014 Show

HEADLINE: Gruber in 2009: Obamacare won’t control costs

MY RESPONSE: This time he can’t claim it’s conjecture.

HEADLINE: Talk show hosts want Boehner and Scalise to step down.

MY RESPONSE: Scalise isn’t a racist and we conservatives need to stop navel gazing.

. . . and my predictions for 2015.

Articles for December 30, 2014 Show

HEADLINE: Civic Duty in a Downward Spiral

MY RESPONSE: It’s no wonder given our school system.

HEADLINE: 17 of top 20 Crazy Politicians Are Republicans

MY RESPONSE: GQ? You mean it’s still in publication?

HEADLINE: 56% Increase in Policeman shot and killed on Duty in 2014

MY RESPONSE: Liberals commit large majority of murders in USA.


Articles for Tonight’s Show–December 29, 2014

HEADLINE: 300 Patients A Day Getting Axed From Surgery Lists in the UK

MY RESPONSE: The joys of socialized medicine

HEADLINE: Medicaid Payments To Be Cut By 50 Percent

MY RESPONSE: Doctors, we tried to tell you that you were being duped.

HEADLINE: Some Conservatives Want To Make Adultery Illegal

MY RESPONSE: When social engineering goes wrong.