The Cover-Up

Like we need one more indication that Government should never run anything:

GM Recalls Vehicles

What people fail to appreciate about the Government owning anything is when troubles happen, citizens can’t get a fair shake. The Government will cover up, lie, cheat, and steal before it’s going to admit it did anything wrong. And that’s what happened in this case, even if some of the cars were made before the Government took over GM.

It’s clear: The Government would rather have people die in their cars than have a total recall . . . no, not the Ah-nuld movie. But, if a truly private auto company tried to get away with not recalling defective vehicles, the Government would call its CEO up to Capitol Hill, excoriate him, and then fine the company out of existence.

Instead, the United States tried to evade, ignore, and cover up instead of doing the right thing. How liberals don’t understand this phenomenon is beyond me.

And it doesn’t end with auto production. What about healthcare? What will the U.S. Government do when it knows something is wrong in its oh so special Obamacare? Will it own up? Or will it cover up? I think history is clear. It would rather people die than admit any wrongdoing.

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government allows the Masses to die instead of admitting any wrongdoing. The OWG makes everything on Earth; there is no private business. However, if bus brakes fail, or a bridge collapses, or a building falls, or a plane crashes, the OWG accepts no responsibility. So, while it claims it is the cure for all of socities problems, if anything goes wrong in society, it’s the OWG’s fault because it is control of everything. But instead, it allows the death to continue before admitting it did anything wrong.

And we are headed there. There’s no doubt.

Maintaining Power

It’s funny this is their first reaction to all of these Democrat scandals:

Democrats Worry About The Wrong Thing

Their worry exists due to Leland Yee, among others, who is a State Senator who was trafficking in illegal weapons, including rocket launchers. Gun running–it’s not just for Russians anymore!

My point of this blog is it’s funny they aren’t worried about the health of their state. They’re not worried about their integrity. They’re not worried about making sure there aren’t others who might be as corrupt as Leland Yee.

No. They’re worried whether they’re going to get to keep their precious power or not. Are they going to win elections, will the voters allow them to stay in office?

When you wonder about the definition of “politics”, this is the poster boy for it.

The truth is at least a few of these Democrats probably knew what Yee was doing. But they kept it under wraps so as to not damage Democrats elections hopes. And as I’ve pointed out many times on many topics like this one: When people don’t think twice about acting like this . . . publicly, the chance for a civilization to survive diminishes.

They have no shame. No conscience. No scruples. Their pursuit of power overwhelms every other consideration. The State of California is crumbling before our eyes and these Democrats are worried whether a scandal will knock them out of power or not. But hey, Californians have elected these idiots; they deserve whatever they get.

In my Govicide novels, it’s much the same. The One World Government is much more worried about maintaining its power than providing for its people. In fact, the only reason it provides for its people is because it wants to keep its power. Everything the OWG does is first considered under the mindset of: Will this increase our power over the Masses? The Masses believe the OWG provides for them because the OWG loves them. Whereas, the truth is the OWG provides for the Masses because it wants to be exalted.

The Democrats in California are the same way. They need their power and maintaining it is always their number one concern–not the health of their State.

Loss Of Morality

Should we be surprised?

IRS Investigation Could Take Years

This is when you know this is all about politics, and not about right and wrong. There is an email in the world that can’t be accessed within a few minutes–especially with the NSA’s help. You are allowed to laugh at that . . .

It’s going to take years . . . but this is all a witchhunt. It’s going to take years . . . but Lois Lerner claims she did nothing wrong. It’s going to take years . . . but this was only done by a couple rogue agents in Cincinnati.

Yeah, right . . .

What dismays me is not one person in a position to know has come forward and spilled the beans. Not one person who is a central position who can blow the case wide open has come forward. All of these people are too worried about their pensions, their salaries, and their reputations among their peers. I can only shake my head. Not one of them has a sense of morality at all. Pathetic, really.

In my Govicide novels, it’s much the same way. There are people within the One World Government who know what is truly happening all over the World. They know about innocent people being executed. About the OWG’s programs not working. About the growing suicide rate. But not one of them says a thing–all of them too worried about rising to another level of bureaucracy within the OWG. Needless to say, no civilization–socialist, capitalist or otherwise can continue like this.

We need people to come forward when they see corruption. We need people to think of their salaries less and their sensibilities. We need people who know immorality when they see it.


More Stuff

I’ve touched on this topic in my podcasts at The Dentzel Domain:

NATO’s Military Decline

Western Civilization’s military prowess will decline as it more and more embraces the welfare state. Even in a country like the USA where we run deficits as if we are addicted to them, we will at some point have to make a choice between “stuff” and national defense. It’s the reason countries like Germany and France who, although industrialized and rich, have token military forces at best. They’ve chosen a route: the entitlement one.

It’s one of the reasons countries like China and Russia don’t fear NATO as much as they used to.

This embracing by Governments of giving stuff to its citizens is the death knell of freedom and individualism. On one hand it kills innovation and passion for creation. On the other hand, it makes a country less safe as national defense becomes an after-thought.

When this happens, tyranny of the world–not beholden to any sense of fair play or rules–begins its march.

In my Govicide novels, this is what happens to create the world to which my readers are introduced. The Governments of the World realize that they all have the same goal: Giving their citizens what they want. Why fight anymore? Why have differences anymore? Why have any discussions about the role of rights in society? So, they decide there is no good reason to have borders anymore. Thus, the One World Government comes to be–a Government from which no one can escape.

And it all happens as citizens embrace the acquisition of stuff from the Government and begin to lose interest in protecting their borders, and thus their rights.

Not Even I

Even a few pro-choicers out there have to be startled by this story:

Aborted Babies Used for Heating Energy

I thought of a couple things when I read the story. Actually paraphrases . . . First, I thought of Solyent Green: “Heating Energy is . . . aborted babies!!!” Second, I thought of The Matrix: “The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change an aborted baby into this. [Morpheus holds up a flame.]

I’m not even sure the Nazis took it this far with executed Jews.

It seems no matter where you go Socialist systems are finding ways to use humans for purposes outside the realm of dignity and liberty

Just a week ago had you heard this story you would’ve thought it was a the creation of a crazy science fiction writer like myself. Something cooked up in the mind of someone who is simply trying to provoke and incite people. Maybe even brought to paper by an author on a drug binge . . . hey, they’re out there.

But nope. This was done by one of the most well-thought of Socialist medical systems in the World. In the REAL world.

So not even I (see the title) could’ve come up with this. And I came up with a lot of original thoughts  in my Govicide novels regarding how badly a Government could treat its subjects. But this idea never ever crossed my mind. So, touche to you England Socialist Medicine, you beat me.

Cult City

I don’t think this is news but it gets me going on a tangent:

City people and Country Are Different

One of the main traits of dictatorial regimes is the insistence that people live in particular places in hordes. In the case of the Khmer Rouge, they marched people out into the country, making them slaves, executing all the educated ones.

On the other hand, the Soviets and the North Koreans made/make it almost impossible for people to live in the country, living off their own work–of course that was outlawed in both societies. They wanted people under the Government’s thumb–forcing people to rely on Government, so the people have no choice to live in the cities.

In fact, the more choice people have about where they can live, the more likely it is they live in a free country. This is the very reason I’ve insisted for years that liberalism is a cult due to one of their traits: They live in collected groups, never venturing outside their area. Look at one of those red state/blue state maps to see what I mean. Look how conservatives are spread out all over the USA while liberals huddle in the cities, feeding off the teat of Government.

And they call the Tea Party a cult . . .

In my Govicide novels, the One World Government forced the Masses into the cities so it would be easier to watch over them. Little did it know that this would eventually lead to the rise of its enemy–not to give too much away. Easier for the OWG to disperse food, video and record the Masses, find Offenders, and keep everyone rounded up like cattle.

So, in the end, it’s no wonder this study finds what it does. The people in flyover country are freedom lovers; the people in the cities are socialists. And I admit that as a conservative living in a metropolitan area . . .


Internet Goes Bye-Bye

I predicted this over 4 years ago:

Internet Is Not Under USA Control Anymore

And I don’t really feel that special about my prognostication. Anybody who pays attention to world events and history knew it had to happen. Hey, if Supreme Court Justices have no problem citing laws from other countries to justify their decisions, then it’s no surprise that the #1 freedom-loving country in the world is willing to give up control of the Internet to the used car salesmen of the World.

Of course, we can get into the conspiratorial side of this. Why did this Administration do it? Maybe because the Internet is the #1 enemy of liberalism, not just here but everywhere in the World. And Obama knows he can’t get away with controlling speech on the information highway, so he’s hoping somebody else does it for him. That would be my best guess.

In fact, that makes more sense than anything else now that I think about it more deeply . . .

Oh, what do I mean that I predicted it?

In Govicide novels, there’s a computer network called, “The System.” It’s essentially the Internet. But more precisely, it’s a combination of Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And it’s used so people can order their Goods and Services from the One World Government. But it is also used to track people all over the world. In one scene, my main character gets to see one of its main control rooms where OWG workers watch huge screens, searching for subjects trying to evade the OWG’s heavy hand.

And I predict this is exactly what will happen with the Internet eventually. Free speech sites will disappear and they’ll be replaced by viruses that make sure you aren’t doing anything against the World’s wishes.

DisTrust is Good

Kind of a mixed message in this story but I’ll take it:

Millennials More Distrustful And More Independent

Yes, most of them are still lefties but where there is distrust, there is room for conservatives to make in-roads.

Since most of you don’t know me personally, I’ll tell you that I’m a cynical person when it comes to people, organizations, and institutions. It’s the main reason I don’t get on here or my podcast to defend people–politicians, athletes, entertainers, etc. Rarely do we truly know people’s motivations. And we surely don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

I know in many circles that this attitude makes me somewhat arrogant and self-centered. All I can say is: I understand. That doesn’t mean I don’t like people. I do. However, I rarely trust them inherently. I’m a trust but verify type of guy.

Instead, I’m a defender of ideas. Because ideas don’t change. They have definitions and meanings that are universal. I defend conservative ideas. I don’t defend conservative people–they can do that themselves.

So, I can only hope that these young people are taking on my attitude. The truth is probably for too long in USA history citizens trusted their Government a little too much. In a way, Watergate was both good and bad for the country. Badly, it exposed an ugly underbelly of politics. “Good-ly”, it exposed an ugly underbelly of politics. You know what I mean?

In my Govicide books, the Masses trust the One World Government. Why? Because it gives them everything. And it never allows the Masses to see its mistakes, which are many. This keeps the OWG all-powerful, making it easier to control its subjects.

I can only hope young people see the mistakes of this Government and begin to trust only one person: themselves.

The Future’s So Dark

Maybe you’ve seen this:

Financial Suicides On The Rise

I will state the obvious: Financial people don’t commit suicide because the future’s bright.

For the record, who knows what is going on here? It could be a total coincidence. These peoples’ personal lives could’ve been in turmoil. Drugs. Depression. Relationship problems. Who the heck knows?

But I don’t see any Big Government people committing suicide. Do you?

Lois Lerner, she’s been under a lot of pressure–still alive. Kathleen Sibelius, getting hammered on Obamacare–still alive. Janet Napolitano, all these immigration issues–still alive. Reid, Pelosi, Obama, probably going to get shellacked in November–all still alive and kicking. The only thing I can take from that is they believe the future is very bright for Big Government.

. . . at least brighter than what these suicide victims maybe thought about the future of their professions. An important profession by the way–I mean, they’re taking care of our money.

These suicides, at the very least, should cause us to pause and take a good look at the direction the world is headed in. Once again, I don’t know specifically why any of them committed suicide. But, once again, I don’t see any Government hacks doing the same.

In my Govicide novels, suicide is a big topic in the first and second books. Suicide rates are up even though the One World Government is supposed to be the perfect way to run a civilization. People who have everything provided for them are killing themselves at an alarming clip. My main character has a hard time understanding this at the beginning but as the story progresses he begins to have those thoughts as well. Why? He realizes that communism is a killer and he sees no way out besides death.

Maybe, just maybe, these people thought the same thing.

Common Rotten Core

Has anyone heard any common person in education speak well of this program?

Common Core Is Centralized Education

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve heard even a few liberal teachers I know complain about this replacement to No Child Left Behind. Now, I’m not saying that they suddenly agree with conservatives when it comes to public education. But you know when liberals start complaining about their numero uno business, you know it’s serious.

Of course Common Core is centralized education. But all public education, no matter the program, is centralized education. Not that it started out that way. But it’s that way now.

I’ve developed a new idea about education within the last few years. This idea concerns how education and media are related. I realized that they must mesh in their information dissemination if both are to be taken seriously. For example, education can’t be conservative and media be liberal. And the reverse is also true. They must sync for them to keep up the charade.

So, what it really means is if we agree our education is centralized, then our media must be centralized as well despite the belief that our news and media is independent and private.

What I’ve begun to believe is the reason so many people hate Fox News is not because it’s conservative–actually, not a lot of it is. Instead, I believe people hate it because it portrays the world in a different way than what people have learned in school–whether it be high school or college. And we all know how people react when they come up against something that opposes their worldview.

It’s a theory I’m still working on. What’s important is that no matter what the Federal plan is called: Public education in its current form sucks.

In my Govicide novels, education and media are like gears in a fine-oiled machine, smooth and precise to a millionth of an inch. They make sure the Masses only know so much. They make sure the Masses only know the positive parts of the One World Government. And they protect the OWG from any outside ideas stealing its power.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that education in the USA is marching toward this same One World Government setup.