Always Perfect

This continues a popular theme on this blog:

Sebelius Blames GOP Governors

So, I’ll keep it short.

Liberals are never, ever, ever, never, ever, never, ever, never, never, ever gonna admit that their policies don’t work. They’ll never own up. They’ll never come clean. They’ll never face the music. Or whatever cliche you wanna use . . .

When their ideas fail it will always be somebody’s else fault . . . even if there could be a day when they have no opposition. Kind of like North Korea. Kim Jung Un and his predecessors always find someone to blame, even if it’s a person who completely supported the government’s actions in the first place.

Why? Because surely communism can’t be wrong.

In my Govicide novels, no matter how many people die under the One World Government it never admits that its policies are wrong. Instead, it’s the fabled Free Enterprisers, or Offenders. Or, even more to the point, the OWG doesn’t mind some people dying due to its policies.

This is exactly why liberalism must be defeated. It will never admit it’s wrong so it always has the potential of destroying all of us.  

The Long Fall

I’ve been following the story of Golden Gate jumpers for a while now:

2013 Was Deadliest Year

The interesting part about people who jump off bridges to commit suicide is this: The people who’ve survived such attempts often say afterwards that halfway down they regretted trying to kill themselves. True story.

But, how can this be: A new suicide record in the liberal utopia of California. And not just California, but the liberal of all liberal places in probably the entire USA: San Francisco. I thought with the Democrats controlling everything in that state everyone would be happy, jovial, and ecstatic.

I wonder what’s going on . . .

This reminds me of the film, The Lives of Others, where the director secretly writes an article and gets it published in Der Spiegel. In it, he writes about the skyrocketing suicide rate in East German, and in particular East Berlin. That was a fascinating film by the way. In fact, the facts about suicide in that movie were true: East Germany had a much higher rate than West Germany and all of the free countries of Europe.

That should tell us all we need to know about communism: It makes you not want to be here anymore. And quite possibly, that’s what’s going on in California as well. I wonder how California’s suicide rate compares to the rest of the USA. Hmmmmm . . .

In my Govicide novels. suicide is an issue as well. My main character begins to realize that more and more people are taking their own lives. He has a hard time understanding this since the One World Government claims the Earth has never been better. This touches him personally when his own girlfriend attempts to slash her wrists but he stops her just in time. Due to his lack of historical knowledge, he doesn’t realize that communism always brings death, whether by homicide, suicide, or starvation.

This is why we should keep a close eye on suicide rates in the USA. They are a prime indicator of which way this country is headed.

Is This It?

Yes, I can find a philosophical theme in a story Hanoi Jane:

Jane Fonda Worries About Her Mortality

I don’t know how religious she is. I’m going to guess she is one of those “Spiritual Not Religious” types . . . at best. More likely, she’s a closet atheist who pretends to be spiritual and only likes ghosts if they’re in the movies.

But for the record: I don’t know.

However, when I hear people worrying about their life and how many years they have left, my knee jerk reaction is they’re atheist liberals. Why? I’ll tell you.

The reason liberals try to control us, and socially engineer us, and rule our lives is because most of them don’t believe in the afterlife. THIS is the afterlife. When they die, they think that’s it. So, they must make a difference here by any means necessary. The Earth is as good as it gets for them.

Whereas, we conservatives–most of whom believe in the afterlife–see this planet as simply a stepping stone. Because of that, I don’t think we worrying about dying as much. And I think that’s a plus. However, it’s also a minus in that we aren’t as cutthroat as liberals can be about turning the World around.

In my Govicide novels, my main characters find out the Earth possibly isn’t the final destination for mankind. And it causes them to re-think how they look at what they’re doing here and what the One World Government has done to The Masses.

Patients Attacked

Having cancer is tough enough let alone trying to do with this:

Democrats Attack Cancer Patient Testimonials

This illustrates something I’ve said for a long time: Liberals will never stop. And they will vilify anyone who gets in their way, including cancer patients.

Liberals will embrace murderers, pedophiles, rapists, torturers, etc. and attack cancer survivors, do-gooders, heroes, martyrs, etc. if it helps their ideology. This is why conservatives have tried to convince all of those undecided middle-of-the-road people out there that accepting liberalism means accepting death.

What needs to be understood about this particular story is this: These attacks aren’t a side effect of a country trying to go to socialized medical system–this is the result of going to one. It’s unavoidable–just look at the cancer survival rates in other countries. They’re horrible compared to the USA’s. Well, that will change once Obamacare gets on its roll.

In my Govicide novels, I try to illustrate the ultimate end to the attacks mentioned in the Breitbart article. The ultimate end is this: Cancer patients being untreated, forced to die because they’re too expensive to treat. This will happen–it’s inevitable if Obamacare continues. More people with terrible but treatable conditions will die.


No Surprise Here

My only question: What took them so long?

FCC To Police Newrooms

I guess what I mean is this: We know the Federal Government–all Democrats and many Republicans unfortunately–have wanted to control the media for decades, if not longer. Yes, yes, I know the media is liberal but that’s a lot different than saying the Government “controls” it.

In the current instance, we at least have a chance the mainstream media will go off the liberal reservation at least once in a while. If the FCC is policing the newsrooms, the media will NEVER go off the reservation.

This is the same issue I have with public education. The reason I’m against it is because it’s Government Education. Every topic, subject, book, teacher, etc. is controlled by government. What that means is the schools will never seriously teach anything that is anti-Big Government.

Well, the media will become that if the FCC is allowed to have influence on it.

In my Govicide novels, there is no actual “FCC” since the media isn’t private. Everything in the One World Government is public–it’s all Government. So, the people who dish out the news understand that the only news worth communicating are reports favorable to the OWG.

And, as I’ve stated here and elsewhere: The goal of the media is to be the people’s watchdog, not the Government’s lapdog.

If the FCC takes over, the dog will jump into the Government’s lap . . . more than it already has.

They’ll Never Stop

James O’Keefe does the job 60 Minutes and other news organizations used to do:

Battleground Texas Voting Scheme

This reminds all of us that liberalism is never going to stop. No matter how many times you try to stamp it out it will pop up somewhere else. The defense of freedom is a constant job–there is no “goal,” there is only “process.”

What that means is even we are successful, our conservative descendants will be doing the exact same thing James O’Keefe is doing a hundred years from now.

In my Govicide novels, I try to illustrate this. No matter how many mistakes the One World Government makes, it never questions it’s intentions and goals. Instead, it buckles down and keeps doing more of the same in different way–different ways to control people, different ways to expose people, different ways to execute people. And it NEVER doubts itself. Just as liberals don’t in the 21st century.

The woman in that video couldn’t be more sure of herself and her methods. And she’s not alone–all liberals are like that.

Internet For Everyone

Is this news as good as we think?


I can’t argue that people in North Korea, for example, getting un-censored Internet service is intriguing to me. Who knows what those Masses might do to Kim Jung Un with the proper information? And I am sure this will be as far as the thought goes with most people.

However, given recent developments–Edward Snowden and the NSA, for one–we know having Internet access only brings you closer to government and its prying eyes. So, it could be North Koreans getting WiFi could make it easier for its dictatorial government to follow them easier.

This is what happens in my Govicide novels. Every person on the Earth has the Internet. And the One World Government uses this as a way to keep tabs on its subjects. Wherever they go on the Internet, the OWG knows, with Govicide Agents showing up if anything looks suspicious.

In the end, maybe it’s better to just be unplugged from the Internet.

One Step Closer

I don’t need a survey to know this:

U.S. Press Freedom Suffers Under Obama

This would be a little bit less tragic if the Media wasn’t going along with it. Instead, they’re playing lap dog because they love Obama and everything that he does. Wouldn’t it be nice if they put up at least a little bit of a fight?

The USA is unique in that its media isn’t run by the Government. Among other things, a change in this fact should alert all of us that the Government is truly encroaching on our rights. Meaning, with a survey like this, it shows we’re one step closer to a dictatorship.

Why? Because no dictator ever came to power without controlling the news.

In my Govicide novels, there is no such thing as a “free press.” The One World Government controls the information and how it will be used–all for the Masses’ benefit, of course.

And I’m sure if we could get the truth out of Obama, he would say the media needs to be controlled so the Government can do its business.  

Where It Matters

I wish I could say I’m surprised by this report:

D.C. is #1

Of course, we know why this is the case: Because D.C. is ripping the 50 states off. In fact it’s happening right now as I type this. It happens while we sleep. It happens while watch tv. It’s happening all the time.

It’s like the USA is a funnel and D.C. is the hole at the bottom where all the money flows. I’m sure if you walk around the new neighborhoods growing around DC you’d never know the economic problems the USA is having.

Likewise, in my Govicide novels the One World Government’s District–which is coincidentally D.C. as well–is very much the same. To tour the District no one would ever know the rest of the Earth is falling apart. In the District where the OWG rules the Masses, the buildings are beautiful. The grass perfect. Everyone happy.

But, everywhere else, decay is noticeable.

This is what will happen if the trend exposed in the Gallup poll continues.

It’s Not Working

Only a Democrat could say “not working” is good:

Obamacare Incentivizes People Not To Work

This should show conservatives what we are up against when it comes to winning the argument on productivity and keeping the USA as the #1 economy in the history of mankind. It’s amazing how much liberals love to brag about how some government program is going to keep people out of the workforce. In addition, they’ve made the argument that Obamacare will keep people from being “locked into” a job they don’t like. Yeah, like that’s why we pay taxes: So disgruntled, disillusioned people can have work mobility.

The problem with all of this is the following point: For the world to work, at some point somebody has to get out of bed and do something. Everybody can’t just stay home and wait for Obamacare to take care of them. Somebody has to run Obamacare. Somebody has to be a doctor. A nurse. Somebody has to make the medicine. The equipment. The x-rays.

And this is the flaw in every Government program that incentivizes people not to work. What if EVERYONE chooses not to work? Then what?

Then, they’re forced to work. And that’s what happens in my Govicide novels. People are forced into jobs by Government with only one test to determine their qualifications. It isn’t until later that my main characters figure out the tests are somewhat of a scam.

The Government will force people to work it previously allowed to get out of working because even it at some point realizes the only way anything happens in an economy is through people doing things–creating, building, thinking, writing, servicing, etc. And, as we know, when Government wants something, it wants it . . . now! So, don’t think in this kind of situation that it will force people to go back to work AND allow them to choose what they want to do. No, it will place people in positions and force them to stay there.

This is the true evil of Obamacare and every other program like it. They have to be stopped.