No Retirement

A sure sign the USA is going in the wrong direction:

Less People Able to Retire

Let me state for the record: If a person wishes to work their whole life, I support it. Nobody should ever be forced to retirement unless their physical or mental health endangers others.

But, that’s not what we’re talking about here. This article concerns people who are trying to save, trying to get their finances in order, trying to make it so the last thing they see in life isn’t the inner walls of their cubicle. 

As a conservative, I believe the problem these people are having starts with Government. You can’t save if you’re taxed uncontrollably. You can’t build a business if the paperwork is in stacks feet high. You can’t make money if illegals, for example, are willing to break the law to be paid–all with the wink and nod of Congress and others. 

We should remember that one of the sure signs people live in socialist/communist/collectivist state is the ability of people to save money on their own. To collect wealth that can be sheltered from the Government. To live on their own without the need for any entitlements like Social Security.

We increasingly don’t have that in the USA.

In my Govicide novels, it’s much the same way. The Masses have no ability to save anything. They can’t check out of the workforce if they desire. Most of them die where they work. Or, they go directly from work to execution as the One World Government determines too many of them are too old to live.

The truth is this: If you cannot save, then you can’t escape the Government’s grasp. You’ll always be under the gun and you can be blackmailed into working till the day you die.

And that’s not freedom.